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8th May 2020 – VE DAY Celebrations

Thank you to all residents that took part in the day and submitted photos for our competition. Hope you all enjoyed the day.
We are pleased to confirm that our independent judges have chosen a Winner and two Runners-up to receive Sainsbury’s Gift Cards. Photos of these below.
Well done to Glen, Paula and Jennifer and Jean and family.

VE Day picture by Geoff
VE Day picture by Geoff

Nicky’s picture
VE DAY 75 picture

Acacia prepared for us all. She made all of the bunting, paper chain and other decorations herself (with the help of the printer lol) and made a VE Day picnic for us to eat in the garden, which included WW2 ration foods such as carrot cookies and cheese whirls.
Picture of Acacia preparing for VE Day

Alicia flying her flag with her pony at Hurst Farm
Alicia with her pony picture

Jennifer was learning about the different styles of art as her homeschooling topic, so she did some pop art style pictures. One is of Winston Churchill on the side window and then a spitfire scene on the front along with some symbols. On the front lawn we had a Battle of Britain Bear.
Runner up photo VE Day 75 Runner up photoe of VE Day 75

Pam and Jim had Cherry & Keith stop by on their afternoon walkabout.
You could hear the Glenn Miller belting out of the windows!!
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Delia, paying her respect, then Cream Tea and Cake shared with neighbours.
Delia paying respects picture Delia's Tea Party Photo

Delia's Tea Party Photo Delia's Tea Party Photo Delia's Tea Party Photo

Parkes VE Celebrations complete with Vera Lynn and homemade flags!
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Denise’s decorations and bunting

John and Elaine bring out the bunting
VE DAY 75 picture

Gemma being patriotic and with a box of goodies
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Vernice and family celebrate VE Day.  Teenage children helped in making all the decorations, and celebrated in the garden with a BBQ and of course the cake ?  Photos and medals are of my grandparents.
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Linda, Barry and Neighbours – Front Garden Party
VE DAY 75 picture
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Lynda, Jo, Brenda and Martyn – Decorations and Garden Party with Neighbours.
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

John’s Decorations
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Jane, Family and Neighbours – Drive Party
Runner up photo VE Day 75 Runner up photo VE Day 75 Runner up photo VE Day 75 Runner up photo VE Day 75 Runner up photo VE Day 75

Justine’s Decoration and Family
VE DAY 75 picture

Katie’s Decorations
VE DAY 75 picture

Marilyn and Peter – Decorations and Garden Party
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Glen and Neighbours Decorations
Runner up photo VE Day 75
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Keith and Suzanne – Garden Party
VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture VE DAY 75 picture

Nicky’s large Union Jack
VE DAY 75 picture

Channel Island Liberation Day 9th May, so Philippa is flying the Guernsey and Jersey flags.
VE DAY 75 picture

Happy VE Day to all the pupils I’ve taught at Capel-le-Ferne Primary School. This was the flag we never had a chance to put up!
A lovely school, which I had the privilege of teaching at. From Mr. G.
(Not in Capel)

VE DAY 75 picture

Maureen (Parish Clerk), also took part
❤️?????❤️?????❤️?????❤️?????❤️?????❤️ TO ALL MY FAMILY & FRIENDS – WE ” WILL” MEET AGAIN!
HAPPY VE DAY 75th ANNIVERSARY. Take Care and Stay Safe. … Without this man, we would not be here today. Lest we forget! DAD … This is a hug from us all, to let you know we are thinking of you. We will remember you!!
Her very own Garden Tea Party. Alone but with many memories. ❤️?????❤️?????❤️?????❤️?????❤️???
VE DAY 75 picture  VE DAY 75 picture

Remembering the Few – at the National Memorial to the Few
Special VE Day Facebook at 11am, Friday, 8th May 2020, commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day with a ceremonial wreath laying, by Site Manager Jules Gomez. VIDEO LINK ON LAYING OF WREATH.
Battle of Britain Memorial Trust picture of BoB

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their celebrations on the VE Day 75th Anniversary and will be judged by an independent member of the Community. WIN SAINSBURY’S GIFT CARDS
* There is a £25 One (1) for the winner and * £15 each for two (2) runners-up.
Hope you all had a wonderful day!

VE DAY 75 poster VE DAY 75 poster
VE DAY 75 poster VE DAY 75 poster

VE DAY 75 balloon picture VE DAY 75 Collage pictureVE DAY 75 cancellation of events picture

2020 Bears, Rainbows, Easter/Egg & Other

All 57 people/households displayed Rainbows, Bears, Easter Eggs and Other items in their windows and on our website.
very BIG thank you to all.
Each person/household was issued a number and an independent member of the community choose 10 numbers accordingly.
5 Easter Eggs have been donated by
Primary Technologies: Website:
and 5 Easter Eggs have been donated by Capel-le-Ferne Parish Council.
All the lucky winners were notified and those winners and their contributions can be seen below or on our website galllery page




Going on a Bear Hunt, Book by Michael Rosen, click following link
If you do go out on your Bear Hunt (permitted daily exercise) in Capel-le-Ferne, count how many you find.

Post from Pip … Well done Capel!
And massive thanks to all the NHS and front line staff ????❤️❤️❤️
To view video click link here

Posted from Laura 
To view video click link here

Posted by Matt:
To view video click link here

Posted by Gary: Well done to everyone who clapped and cheered for the nhs ????
at 8 o clock and a big thank you to the provider of the fireworks.

Posted by Melanie: Princess Little Beau Betty thanking NHS and Carers ???              
To view video click link here

Posted from Patricia (Sister’s pictures, she’s autistic). 

Well done to Rachel. Very good.     Gold star to you 

Posted from Ellen:  

Posted by Capel-le-Ferne Preschool:
    Posted by Capel-le-Ferne Preschool: Fibbers is waving at passers by ?

Posted by Acacia: rainbow picture, now in our front window.
Hopefully lovely people of Capel may have spot them whilst doing their one exercise a day outside or passing by.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Patricia-Acacia-Pierce-Winner.jpg

Posted by Reuben:
Hopefully lovely people of Capel may have spot them whilst doing their one exercise a day outside or passing by.

Posted by Nicky: All up.

Post by April from Old Dover Road

Posted by Charlie: We have ours up in Beatrice!

Posted by Martin.  Not very obvious but hopefully will be spotted!  

Posted by P:

Posted by Angela:
Posted from Angela: He’s only small. Can you find him?!

Posted from Wendy Bear ! 

Posted by Jules: 
As I am on site (The Wing – BoB), I thought I would send you the attached photo
showing the Capel Rainbow and Bob the Pilot Dog – not a bear but Bob is cool!
As can be seen form the attached, Bob the dog has called up some reservists and there is a full Squadron on display.

Posted by Steve:

Posted by Bruce: From B&L in Helena, sending our love and hope to all in the NHS

Posted by Bob & Winnie: friendly creatures who look out from our home in Albany.

Posted by Lisa:

Posted by Neil:

Posted by Jan: Teddy John looking out for children.
Ladybird seen in garden. 

Posted by Keith: You don’t have to have kids in the house either!
There is an age gap of 66 years between these bears, the big one is 69 years and the small one 3, made by my daughter.
Her website is Emma Jane Bears.

  Link post from Keith:   April in the Garden

Posted by Adrian:  Old Ted who is 67 and
NEW TED awaiting to go to our new Grandson in Brighton when its safe to travel.

Posted by Pamela: I am 85 years old, my name is Ted. Much loved.?

Posted from Marilyn: Bears in our window to join in the fun
  Posted from Marilyn:  How lucky we are to live here.

Posted by Kathryn: Teddies spotting friends walking past

Posted from Victor, oops meant Barry!  
Good turn out in Elizabeth Drive for the “clapathon” and it was Hanna birthday, so we all sang happy birthday ?

Posted by Carolyn of Misty and Harry joining the throng

Posted from Chris and Dave. A wave from Snowbear, he loves the sunshine!

Posted from Chris & Dave. Springtime in Capel Le Ferne

Posted from Lynne of Bert and Doris in Capel Street

Posted from Jane in Helena

Posted from Lisa:  Hello from Avondale.

Posted from Sarah:  He is almost 50 but “bearing” up! ?

Posted from Susie. We live at the bottom of the hill so not quite in Capel but I hope that’s not
too important!!  A bear on watch at the front of the house and two on lookout upstairs!    

Posted from Julie: Guess where I live.

Posted from Jodie:

Posted from Jacqueline: Heron and Huggy say “Hello” from Avondale:

Posted from Philippa: 

Posted from Bernard:
Some showed Teddy Bears, some showed rainbows.

We did something different.

Posted from Roger:   
He is not a bear but wants to join in. Where does he live?   Posted from Chris – Spotted this one today..he lives next to Winnie The Pooh 🙂
    Posted from Roger:
Hi Guys just had delivered an exercise bike so as to complement my bike.
Now have no excuse not to exercise in bad weather! Also in this sunny weather the garden has never looked so tidy! 
A picture of my wood burning stove my son who lives in a flat in Stockholm loves to be cosy in front of an open fire.
So have sent him a video of 20 minutes of a burning fire to look at in the winter months!
Keep safe warm and healthy everybody.

Posted from Chris:   

Posted from Nicky: Look up high!    

Posted from Lesley: Brighten’s up the front room?   

Posted by Sue:  

Posted by Sharon:  

Posted by Lynda:    

Posted by Dawn:    

Posted by Ted !    

Posted by Samantha:  
Stressed bear or drunk? He was the right way up to begin with,
then Graham got his hands on the poor thing!!!

Posted by Bill: 
My bears are in my window Capel Street. Hope this will cheer up any passers by.


Posted by Jane:    
Bears (Melvin and Godiva),rainbow pictures in windows at Capel Street. X
Posted by Glen and Wendy:  
Wasn’t going to put our ‘Easter Tree ‘ up this year as my grandsons can’t visit
but we thought it might brighten the place up amongst all the doom and gloom!!! ???
Posted from Christine. This is Freddie watching over Capel.    
Hope he brightens someone’s day. ?

Link post from John:   
New Foxtrot Serenaders

Post from John – Teddy in Albany

Posted by Jo:

Birds-eye view of the proposed erection of new dwellings


As the Architect has now submitted amended drawings, dated 8th November, for this application regarding their answers to the Highway issues raised at the DDC Planning Committee meeting, it would be prudent to comment again if you object to these latest modified proposals. Continue Reading SUMMARY UPDATE ON DOVER DISTRICT COUNCIL’S PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETING HELD THURSDAY, 10TH OCTOBER 2019, RELATING TO: Land Between Nos 107 And 127 Capel Street, Capel Le Ferne, Re: 19/00669.

Read More

Notice of Conclusion of 2018 – 2019 Accounts

Capel Le Ferne Parish Council

Notice of conclusion of audit
Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31 March 2019

Section 20(2) and 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act of 2014
Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/234)

1. The audit of accounts for Capel Le Ferne Parish Council for the year ended 31st March 2019 has been completed and the accounts have been published.

2. The Annual Governance & Accountability Return is available for inspection by any local government elector of the area Capel Le Ferne Parish Council on application to:

(a) Maureen Leppard, Parish Clerk, 39 Victoria Road, Capel-le-Ferne, Folkestone, Kent

(b) Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

3. Copies will be provided to any person on payment of £1.00 (c) for each copy of the Annual Governance & Accountability Return.

Announcement made by: (d) Maureen Leppard, Parish Clerk

Date of announcement: (e) 17th September 2019

Photo of Jason John Schafer, 4th June 1971 - 26th December 2017

Postie Jay



The amount raised towards Postman Jay’s Bench reached £913.00. The Parish Council purchased a red bench and it was installed by Capel Groundworks. 

An official public opening of the bench, to mark the life of Jason John Schafer, took place with Jay’s family at Playing Field, Lancaster Avenue, Capel-le-Ferne, CT18 7LX, followed by tea/coffee refreshments in the Village Hall (small room).

Parish Council – Internet/Communication Information

Parish Council Internet communication information

Email: [email protected]


Facebook Page:

Twitter Account: @CapelParishCoun

Grapevine Newsletters:

PLUS … Noticeboard inside and outside the Village Hall and outside Amin’s Stores, New Dover Road, outside St Radigunds Church, Albany Road and Primary School in Capel Street.  Plus posters around the village.  If notification is received in time to catch the Grapevine Newsletter deadline prior to print, it will be inserted on the front page. 

Or you can register with Dover District Council to receive notifications of Planning Applications direct.

A20 Dover Traffic Assessment Phase – (TAP)


As the Highways England Asset Support Contractor in Area 4, we would like to inform you of a closure of the A20 coast bound between Folkestone and Dover.
As part of the ongoing Traffic Assessment Project in Dover and as part of our future plans for traffic management on the A20 towards Dover, we will be continuing the topological surveys which began Monday 17 October.
To do this, it is necessary to close the A20 coast bound from the A260 interchange, to the Western Heights roundabout, from Monday 31 October, for five nights until Friday 4 November inclusive. There will also be a lane of the A20 London bound carriageway closed. These closures will be between the hours of 8pm and 6am on the four nights in question.
A clearly signed diversion will take motorists travelling towards Dover off the A20, onto the A260 and the B2011 into Dover.
Our road workers frequently work in situations which are both unpleasant and dangerous and we would kindly ask that you treat them with the respect you would wish to be treated with while they are working in your area. If you do have any issues with the work taking place, our road workers will always try to help you if they are able. However, can we ask that if you do have a problem with the work, or would like to discuss any aspect of this scheme, or would like any further information, please contact the A-one+ Contact Centre on 0845 6122 888 or email [email protected]
Chris Carter, Area 4 Customer and Stakeholder Liaison Assistant, A-one+, 10 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, Kent, ME19 4AR

For the attention of Chris Carter
Area 4 Customer and Stakeholder Liaison Assistant
Thank you for your email dated 26th October, it is very much appreciated to have receive notification of road closure and diversion on to the B2011.
On behalf of Caple-le-Ferne Parish Council, through which village the diversion has been placed (B2011), we would like to communicate to you the following:
1.As a Parish Council, we are very pleased to read the Authorities have now made a final decision, after 18months, for viable speed on the A20.
2.It has to be explained that our village, Capel-le-Ferne (B2011), has suffered tremendously whilst this TAP has been in operation and numerous communications and complaints to Highway England has taken place. Drivers use the B2011 to avoid the speed cameras on A20 registering over 40mph. They use the B2011, like a race track, where there are no speed cameras and can easily, due to lack of enforcement by Kent Police, exceed the limit which is also, 40mph.
3.Now the A20 is being closed overnight to carry out “topological surveys” and no doubt future works will incur more closures, our residents are experiencing vehicles, especially HGV’s, using the B2011 overnight because of the diversion and taking NO notice of the speed limit of 40mph. Due to size and weight of the HGVs, they are thundering through the village at great speed and causing severe distress to properties and residents on this road by their inconsiderate speeding.
4.In all fairness, although diversion signs have been erected, there is a lack of speed control notices at regular intervals on this straight stretch of long road and this is the main problem. A reminder!
Therefore, this is a request for more either “think speed” signs and/or “40mph” signs to be provided now on the B2011and remain for the future as work progresses on the A20, as it is envisage more diversions will transpire. It is felt that between all the many authorities concerned and involved on these investigations and changes in the future to one of the major routes to the Dover Port, i.e. A20, one of the agencies must have a surplus of signs laying dormant in their compounds and could show a willingness to assist by “customer service” for our village and provide them on the B2011, in conjunction with the diversion signs.
Look forward to hearing from you with a favourable reply. Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

12th November 2015

Click for response from Highway England


13th JULY 2015
To: District and Ward Councillor Frederick Scales, From: Kevin Bown, Highways England.
We have reached agreement to continue TAP for a further 6 months, as an interim measure, pending the outcome of the necessary studies and getting the all clear to start design of the permanent version.
In the interim we will seek to improve the initial version of TAP.
1)    It has been agreed that the coastbound A20 on-slip at Courtwood will be reopened. We are just reaching agreement on the practicalities of who then closes/ reopens it when TAP is on and the queue is approaching or beyond Courtwood: as we still need the safety measure in place to avoid either HGVs trying to push into the queue or other vehicles having to try to peek beyond lane 1 traffic to get into lane 2.
2)    We are looking to add additional signage to inform travellers as to when TAP is on ie to expect queues
3)    We are looking at the speed limits to see if they can be safely altered in terms of their location and the limit. We are mindful of driver behaviour that often adds 10mph to any speed limit and the impact this has on safety when TAP is on.
4)    As part of a wider review of recent Operation Stack/ TAP, I will seek to work with all parties to address concerns about the use of the local roads by HGVs and also the parking issue.
5)    Under the Chairmanship of KCC Cllr Balfour, the European Gateway Group is looking at various means by which to address the wider traffic management and other impacts of Stack on Kent. Clearly the most recent Stacks indicate that its character is changing; for example, with a huge increase in numbers of HGVs per se and their propensity to seek to bypass Stack no matter how often they are told to go into it. Therefore the Group  will need to carefully assess what the options are to avoid the need for Stack at all, and how to minimise its impact if it is required.
I hope this information meets your needs, but if you have any further queries, please contact me.
Regards Kevin Bown, Highways England | Bridge House | 1 Walnut Close | Guildford | GU1 4LZ
Tel: +44 (0) 300 470 1046.  Web:
Safe roads, reliable journeys, informed travellers
Highways England:operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England.

20th MAY 2015


A20 Dover Traffic Assessment

Please feel free to feedback your comments to:
Highways England email: [email protected]

Port of Dover email: [email protected]
Kent Police email: [email protected]
District and Ward Councillor email: [email protected]
and our MP Charlie Elphicke email: [email protected]


The A20 Dover Traffic Assessment.
We welcome any feedback you have on this flyer, please don’t hesitate to let us know of any comments.
Kind regards,The Communications Team, On behalf of Highways England

Contact Us = If you have any enquiries about this publication email [email protected] or call 0300 123 5000*.
Please quote the Highways England publications code PR02/15. Highways England Creative job number S150030.
This document is also available on our website at

Capel-le-Ferne Parish Council continue to lobby on the disruption and issues relating to lorries on the M20/A20 and in the Village.
The latest news is the approach made to Government and the letter received from Charlie Elphicke MP for Dover. 

Click following link to read.


Letter to Charlie Elphicke MP

Reply received from Charlie Elphicke MP