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Diabetes Procurement Volunteer

Role summary: Diabetes Procurement Volunteer

Findings of Ecological Survey PROW ER252

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Findings of ecological survey PROW ER252


Finished my work at Capel le Ferne and have completed the following:

  1. Finger search of stools and stumps to be felled for dormice
  2. Inspection of eaten hazelnuts for evidence of dormice
  3. Visual search of vegetation for nesting birds
  4. Inspection of undergrowth/ivy covered trees for bird movement in an attempt to identify individuals engaged in nest building
  5. Identify the trees marked during the bat survey

No evidence of dormice were found.

The trees tagged during the bat survey are not being felled as part of the vegetation works.

One nest was found at TR 25154 38866 in an area of ivy on the western side of the bridleway.  The contractors have been shown this area and will not be cutting that part of the hedgerow.  The 3m gap can be maintained by cutting a little into the hedgerow on the other side of the path.  Otherwise, the contractors are free to proceed.

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Mike Phillips

White Horse Ecology
69 Fitzroy Rd
01227 652126
07540 250320

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Repairs and Improvements to Bridleway ER252

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